ÉDVCare: How to untangle your jewelry

April 20, 2017

ÉDVcare: How to untangle your jewelry

We’ve all been through the painstaking process of untangling jewelry, with our eyes strained as we attempt to methodically pick apart each dreaded knot. And when (or should we say, if) we do get through all the twists and tangles, it seems as if we’ve just overcome a nearly impossible feat.

Tried and tested, here are our top tips on how to untangle your pieces with a little more ease.

  • Lay your tangled jewelry out on a flat surface. Working through the knots is much easier when you have your piece spread out on a well-lit counter or table space, so that you can identify what you’re dealing with and can tackle the situation one knot at a time. If you have several necklaces tangled together, try to separate them before you work on the knots on each piece
  • Use a safety pin, sewing needle, toothpick, or straightened paperclip - whatever tools you can find at home to comb through those unruly knots our fingers wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach! Insert your tool in the center of the knot, gently wiggling back and forth until you’re able to create enough slack to pick the knot apart.  
  • If your knots still refuse to loosen up, apply oil. This will act as a lubricant, making it easier for your delicate chains to slide past each other. Olive, coconut and baby oil are all options you may already have lying around the house, and are gentle solutions that won’t tarnish your pieces. Do make sure you rinse your jewelry pieces afterwards, so that they aren’t left with any greasy residue.
  • Be gentle! We’ve all felt the temptation to quickly tug at a chain as soon as a knot starts to loosen up, but the last thing you’d want is to cause an even tighter bind than what you started with. Yanking at the chains may create impermeable tangles, and can even damage your jewelry piece.

Last but certainly not least, be sure to keep your now tangle-free pieces in stylish storage, so that you don’t find yourself caught in another gnarly mess! Keep them neatly tucked away in a chic jewelry box, or draped over a delicate jewelry stand. Or, if you’re feeling a little more creative, try taking an old frame and repurposing it into a wall-mounted jewelry organizer. The possibilities are endless!

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