Know-your series: yellow, rose and white gold

April 05, 2017

Know your (colored) golds: yellow, rose and white

While we pledge to only work with solid gold here at EDV, we’re also committed to creating a wide selection of long-term luxury pieces, so that you find a piece that perfectly suits your (life)style. In this post, we focus on the three types of gold we work with – yellow, rose and white – and how each of these colorways is given its unique, brilliant tones.

Our main collections are crafted from 18K solid gold, which is combined with other metals for the strength and durability pure gold (24K) doesn’t have on its own. These metal alloys come in an array of combinations, and are what allows us to achieve the colored golds offered at EDV.

Yellow goldtraditional, timeless, sumptuous

Yellow gold is typically combined with silver, copper and zinc, which gives jewelry long-lasting properties while retaining its radiant yellow tones. It’s considered the most hypoallergenic among the three colorways, and bests suits those with highly sensitive skin. Though used prolifically for jewelry in ancient history, yellow gold still remains relevant today, and we don’t see it going out of style any time soon.

Rose gold soft, ethereal, romantic

Rose gold has gone on and off trend since its appearance in the 19th century, and has (thankfully) made another fashionable comeback in recent years. Its chic blush hues can be attributed to the copper in its composition, and can vary from a pale pink to a deeper rouge, depending on the ratios used. If you’re looking for a piece with warmth, femininity and an understated elegance, rose gold is your colorway of choice.

White gold sleek, sophisticated, contemporary

White gold is created by combining pure gold with white metals, such as palladium, silver or nickel. A layer of rhodium plating is usually added to give its characteristically white sheen, as without it, this gold alloy bears a slight yellow tint. As with any plated piece, the rhodium coating will wear over time, and therefore needs to be replated every 12-18 months.


Whether you opt for yellow’s timeless appeal, rose’s inimitable femininity or even white’s ultra-cool sophistication, we hope we’ve given you the confidence of understanding what exactly is going into your colored gold jewelry.

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