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THE PROBLEM: Overspending on Mediocre Jewelry

Creative marketing and staged photographs can make it difficult for buyers to
determine the quality of the jewelry that they are looking to invest in. This leads
people to find reassurance in brand names, which often results in spending 8-10
times more than necessary to acquire high-quality pieces.


Nope, that's not a typo! That's our mission here, to educate you and ensure that you
are getting quality pieces at reasonable prices. For a quick overview of what we
consider to be the most important topics, please see our intro to Edvcation below.
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Size Guide

Ring Sizing Using A Ring

Ring Sizing Using A String

Bracelet Sizing

Please note that ring sizes listed on this site are US / Canada sizing. Please click here for international ring size conversion.

(For example, if your ring size is 9 in Hong Kong, please choose size 5 on our site.)


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